Remove any Unwanted App & Bloatware out of the Box with Dedicated Apps & On-Demand Technicians

Uninstallor is not only the state-of-art uninstaller but the combination of dedicated programs and premium support team, offering the de facto solution to completely uninstall any unwanted app & bloatware from your PC & Mac.

Version 1.1.2 needs Windows 7+ or macOS 10.11+, read the released versions.

The Problems

  • The unwanted app in your PC & Mac devices can't be removed completely?

  • Don't know how remove uninstall the app in your Mac or want to remove it completely?

  • The unwanted apps slow your OS performance by leaving too many files and associated entries?

  • Frustrated with the app manager in your PC or Mac, and want a better & intuitive manager?

  • Get troubled to remove the pre-installed OEM bloatware from your PC?

  • The unknown toolbar or browser plugin hard to be detected or removed completely?

Uninstallor: ultimate uninstaller & on-demand technicians

Straightforward & intuitive

Uninstallor is very straightforward with detailed app information and very simple to use.

Remove any unwanted app of PC & Mac

Uninstallor is powered by the in-house team with more than 10 years of experience in app analysis and development. The Uninstallor's app database is one of the largest, providing the capability to remove any unwanted app out of the box. Uninstallor app can effectively & completely remove most of the programs, even stubborn crapware and nasty toolbar, from Windows PC & Mac with one of the largest app database and highly-engineered removal capability, which is continuously developed to counter the newly released programs.

Remove pre-installed OEM bloatware completely

The bloatware uninstall has been built in Uninstallor to specifically and completely remove the OEM bloatware from your Windows PC.

Custom fix for specific removal

In case Uninstallor couldn't remove the unwanted app/bloatware, you can live chat or submit ticket to us. We will resolve the request and provide a custom fix within 5 working days.

On-demand remote support

Uninstallor includes live chat and ticket support for Pro/Business plan subscriber. If needed, you can also request remote support from our technicians to resolve your problem via Teamviewer with your permission & the confirmed schedule.

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How it Works

Use the Uninstallor to remove the specific unwanted app from Windows PC & Mac

Within Uninstallor, select, view & remove the unwanted app/bloatware following the uninstall wizard

If needed, submit custom removal request via live chat or support ticket

Demand remote removal request from Uninstallor technicians

Why Use Uninstallor

Remove any unwanted app out of the box

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